January 25, 2015

Things I Learned from My Child Self

Things I learned about myself by looking at old journals:

1. On Feb 20, 1993 age "7 in a half" - I noted that this was "not best hand writing" - face it, my handwriting sucks and always has. Time to be honest with myself once and for all.
2. Sometimes wishes come true. Right before my 8th birthday, I said I didn't like my sisters and wished I could make them a lot nicer. Now I like them and they're sometimes a lot nicer.
3. Some fears last forever - I wrote a story in 1st grade about getting eaten by a giant spider and ended with "Spiders all over the universe and that was the end of me." In another story - "The spider saw me and ate me. I was dead." That's freaking deep right there. Also fear of failure, regret, and not living came up a lot.
4. Once a girly girl, always a girly girl. "I like being a girl because you can wear nail polish and cool jackets." It was the early 90's after all.
5. Being left handed sometimes sucks. Report card 1989 "Ellyn's grip is not always correct and she cuts off the line." I was FOUR and those lefty scissors are still the WORST. By the way, I now cut right-handed.
6. I like school, reading, being alone, traveling, and cold weather. I hate school dances.
7. At various points, I wanted to be a doctor, pilot, archeologist, psychologist, writer, artist and politician. But then I majored in film because I wanted to make movies and be all of those things. Now I work in advertising. What the...
8. My New Year's resolution at 17:  perfection
9. Things I want to do in life: write, act, art, teach, lead, write
10. I think I struggle with follow through

"Remember who you are." -Mufasa's Ghost

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