January 17, 2015

Found: Bucket List

Goals I set for myself in life 12 years ago before college. I checked off the things I've accomplished...

1. Write for National Geographic
2. Fly over Grand Canyon in glider/ultralight
3. Archaeology
4. Study British Literature - Middle English
5. Learn Latin
6. Go to French theatre
7. Go to play in London 
8. Go to Alaska
9. Windsurfing
10. Surf
11. Write a book and screenplay
12. Direct and produce a film
13. Have a private airplane
14. Skydiving
15. Hot air balloon
16. Study religions through experience
17. Establish a charity
18. Vacation on Mediterranean
19. Have a library

Not listed:
1. Pretty much everything in my current career and life

Current thought:
1. I have a lot of work to do
2. Becoming afraid of heights was not good for my bucket list
3. I may have picked the wrong major

Quote I wrote at 16:
If you don't like where you are and if you are not happy, than either: 1. you are blind to your blessings 2. you neglected to follow a dream and settled for less or 3. you are denying and refusing a crucial lesson

Damn, son 
1. Write Bucket List - Check.

1 comment:

  1. Elane, that was so profound...and only at age 16. Imagine what you could write now. I think that most of your friends and family would agree that you are in the wrong career. We've been waiting for you to write the daggon AP7 book for quite some time. How about you write a book and try to get it published. Perhaps you need to call it "Serving Up Sprinkles and Sarcasm!!!" Once you get published you can quite your job and just write. Or maybe you could just send things in to National Geographic...just a thought. Personally, I think it would be great for you to move to Scotland with Susan. Dave said he could get Shaun a job FO SHO!!!!

    By the way, you had Didra rolling.

    I LOVE YOU, scram