December 3, 2014

All I Want for Christmas Is a Comeback

I can't take that my last blog post was over two and a half years ago. Or that the last two posts are just old financial articles I wrote, squatting on my fun and witty blog because they had no where to go when their home was removed from the interwebs.

Alas, my dreams of becoming a famous and wealthy blogger will wait for no one, including me. So what I'm saying is that the blog must come back. It probably won't be pretty at first (kind of like this little blogger space I've created.) I just can't figure out how to get a picture to go all the way across the top or how to insert a recipe so that it can be indexed on Pinterest - what's it called, the java hash script thingy? Don't tell anyone I work in digital marketing.

I spent the last two years trying to decide what my comeback post would be about. It's just a lot of pressure! It has to be good enough that people (you) want to come back. It can't rip off of the other bloggers I've grown to love and envy, it should include a fabulous recipe, and some high-qual photography.

But I'm just a little bit too lazy to re-launch with that much pizzazz. 

I'm narrowing down that list to focus on the most important list of the year. My Christmukkah list. Okay, I never really make a list for myself. I just drop lots of hints, because I'm too focused on my giant Excel spreadsheet tracking what I'm getting for everyone else, including item, store, date ordered, shipping information and price. Every year I end up spending around the same thing, even though I never set a budget upfront. Isn't that weird?

You're welcome in advance for all but sticking the bow on my own gifts this year. 

Dear Santa or anyone who cares,
I want:
  • This Fresh Cream flavored (scented?) perfume. Because it would be awesome to smell like whipped cream all the days of my life. And I haven't even smelled it yet.
  • A beach cruiser bike - probably in a pastel color with a wicker basket and bell with my name written on it in glitter
  • Lifetime supply of these age-defying products because I'm going to be stupid THIRTY next year.
  • Kitchen stuff (because who has time to wait for a registry?): Blender, pots, pans, silverware, plates, coffee maker, espresso machine, apple corer, ice cream maker, slotted spoon, kitchen scissors, garlic mincer, round cake pans (tiered and non-tiered), & Magic Bullet
  • So I can pretend to know how to curl my hair: Chi Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1-Inch Flat Iron
  • Makeup - just all of it
  • Tea & Sympathy candles preferably Milk & Cookies but Biscuits & Berries is good too - sold out everywhere, so good luck
  • A Christmas Pickle so I can hide it on the tree and then find it and get an extra gift
  • Sparkly, diamondy stuff
  • Kindle/Amazon gift cards so I can read Outlander for the rest of time. (Jamie = Swoon)
  • Yoga stuff
  • Iron because I have an empty place on a far-off closet shelf
  • Piano, otherwise that decade of lessons just keeps going to waste
  • Kate Spade discontinued sprinkles makeup bag
  • Taylor Swift album (preferably on Spotify)
  • Ugg slippers so my feet can sweat in our non-stop 80 degree San Diego weather 
  • Invite to the Star Wars premiere
And while we're asking....
  • A bunch of vacation
  • A life in Europe
  • Hovercraft
  • Role on a successful sitcom
  • Unlimited free miles and fancy hotel rooms


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