August 26, 2010

Good in Chair

I didn't realize how uncomfortable I really was at work, in my cube, until I scavenged a chair from someone who left the agency. Hopefully now my hip won't bother me when I walk (as if I'm 85), and my elbow won't be enlarged from the angle in which I lean it against the edge of my desk (turns out you CAN get tennis elbow from sitting idly in a 3-walled cell 45  hours a week.)  

Maybe this chair has weird scratch marks on the arms and crumbs in the seat, but it's better than the slow death I was dying in that other poor excuse for a chair with foam coming out of the seams, and absolutely no support in the glute or back regions. If anyone even thinks about stealing this chair, I will personally find him (definitely a him, since this place is 90% male), blame him, and make him pay. I may also invest in a chain to make sure this never leaves my 4x4 space. Can I expense that?

To emphasize the importance of this moment, imagine that feeling when you've been walking all day long, stressing, running even, and you can't remember the last time you felt this tired. Then you lay down finally to go to bed.... THAT feeling. Like OMG, I may never get up, it's so good, it hurts. That's how my back feels right now. As if I was trapped in a tiny cage with a broken back for the last 23 months and someone finally adjusted my spine with a good crack.

Now all I need is a career doing yoga, art, and meditation on the beach and I'll be fit as a fiddle, right as rain. Meanwhile I am grateful for this chair and the fact that tomorrow is Friday. Apologies for not blogging in months and then writing about a chair... new blog launching soon about LA, NY, being a 20-something, guys, gossip, trends, and other super interesting, funny things! Promise!!

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