May 2, 2010

Donnie Trump's New Resident...

I've been meaning to update for weeks and weeks now, but alas, they blocked blogspot at work. Anyway, life is suddenly completely different. I got accepted to George Mason and Johns Hopkins. I decided against Hopkins because it's an MA, not MFA, so I would still need to also get an MFA or PhD afterward to teach at a college level. The MFA is terminal, so I get that in two years, and I'm set. I went to visit Mason, and I don't know, I just wasn't feeling it. It was small, there was one coffee shop open, I would need a car, the traffic in Fairfax, Va was pretty horrendous, and I was probably comparing it to the glorious diploma factory that is Penn State. I applied to 7 schools, and basically had two choices in the end. Go to Mason, or defer and re-apply next year. So then I got back to Hoboken on Sunday, and packed everything I own and moved to Jersey City on Friday. It seems my decision is made. I'm staying here until further notice. I moved in with Shaun. It reminds me of that Friends episode where Chandler moves in with Monica, and she kind of dramatically cries, "And I have to live with a boy!" So far I live alone actually, because Shaun had to throw everything in here Friday then go back to Philly then to NH til tonight but then I will actually be living with a boy for the first time since I was 6.

Friday, the Beverly Hillbillies moved out of Philly, out of Hoboken, and into Trump Plaza, Jersey City. Not even joking, we used a 1950's pick-up truck too. These people probably never saw anyone move themselves in without a moving company. We got lots of sneers and sniffs. Shaun had so much stuff that he filled the moving truck, so our plan to load my stuff in the same truck and then move in at the same time failed. We had to move him in, which took until 4, and we weren't supposed to move after 3:30 because Trump doesn't want to disturb the residents. Then we went back to Hoboken, loaded all of my stuff, and drove back to Trump. We had a truck load of stuff, hadn't eaten all day, and they told us we couldn't move until Monday.... I freaked out, and we didn't listen. Four of us loaded the pick up truck, drove up through the parking deck to our floor, and very quickly unloaded into the apartment. It was like a heist, and we should've worn black, masks, and gloves. We made two trips and actually got it all in. Then it was like 9pm, and we finally ate dinner. I spent the the entire day yesterday unpacking the mountains of boxes alone. It was fine though, because at least there was no one for me to boss around. I have OCD, and an insane drive to get things done immediately. I'm making a conscious effort not to make Shaun move the furniture, finish unpacking his stuff, take out the recycling, order the couch, and fix things as soon as he walks in tonight. Friday my mom is coming from Seattle (not just for me), and she's going to help me clean my old room in Hoboken and finish settling in here. I feel much more relaxed living here. It's nice not to have to be polite or walk on eggshells around anyone. It's just our apartment, where we live, not communal living. It's an interesting feeling, because I almost feel grown up or more settled. I don't have to wake up at 1am to a roommate stomping around or worry that I'm bothering someone if my music is on or I want to watch a movie in the living room or cook something. I can just do whatever I want in my underwear, even. I highly recommend this if you currently live with roommates.

I don't have any friends that live in JC, but it's a 5 minute light rail ride to Hoboken. I need to explore the neighborhood, because I don't even know where the grocery store is or the train to work. We also have a pool, grotto and gym which I haven't used yet, but that will be good incentive for everyone to visit I hope. It's basically like living in a hotel. And no, we're not selling crack. We're just in the right place at the right time. Shaun rented his condo out finally for a year, and his friend that owns this apartment said it was open and gave us a good deal. I'm saving money actually from what I was paying in Hoboken, only it's a billion times better. What's weird though is that the washing machine is European and I'm the queen of laundry, and I had to Google how to operate it. I'm guessing most people in this building have maids, so they don't complain. I'm sure I'll be lumped in that category of "Rich Snobby Ungrateful Pain in the Ass" and Shaun will be "Arrogant Jerk Coke Dealing Yuppie Wall Street Baller." This should be a fun year.

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