March 25, 2010

I Spy Something Spring

It's really spring already? I don't want to believe it, because if it snows again, my Seasonal Affective Disorder will return with a vengeance. It's chilling below the surface right now, just waiting for a chance to pounce like a Frida and leap like a pony back into my psyche. I feel like March flew, which never happens. What's going on? Last weekend, I had fro yo in Hoboken then laid by the river, as if it was July. Now I'm wearing a scarf, but at least it's sunny.

Spring in New York makes me want to restart my life. For example, I signed up for a bunch of new blogs and websites about NYC, so I know what's going on, where all the new spots are, and I can break the old habits of sitting in my cube all day, then going home to do chores and Pilates. I love this city so much more after happy hour. It's true, but don't worry, I won't be drinking every day or even most days. It's almost bathing suit season. Nom nom! I love summer.

Argo Tea in the Flatiron Building has a seasonal delight called Green Tea Strawberry Creme. WOW! WOW! WOW! "We've created the perfect recipe of green tea, seedless strawberry puree, vanilla and creamy milk that's delicious hot or iced. Enjoy the sweet, exuberant taste of spring in a cup!" They're not kidding. My office is on Madison Square Park. Hold up. I mean my cube is in the middle of the room, without a view and sun rays can't even reach me in this gray high walled box in which I dwell. To rephrase, my office in which my cube is lodged is on MSP. There's always an art exhibit, sometimes wacky sculptures, and last summer there was a colorful seating area built around a tree. I enjoyed that, because I could eat lunch there, and little kids and dogs were always playing in the rubber sand pit thing which was funny. This year, however, Antony Gormley and his "Event Horizon" diddy makes me not want to eat in the park or stroll through the park or even cry when pigeons fly at me in the park... at all. He made 30 something bronze statues of himself, anatomy and all, and placed them on the edges of skyscrapers, including on the top of Flatiron, there are some on sidewalks in the way really, and some just creeping around various areas of the park. It's disturbing, I have to say. It definitely messes with perceptions and people are talking about it, so I guess it is "art," but I didn't like it when I saw the first statue and thought someone was committing suicide in front of me. That's not exactly a good day. I'm hoping there wasn't a hidden camera on 5th Ave. when I looked up with fright, eyes wide, mouth agape, cell phone in hand about to dial 911.

In other news, I'm trying to go to FL for the weekend of April 23rd and San Diego in July. I somehow made it through winter without going anywhere. I usually go away in March, but life was too chaotic. The school thing isn't panning out as planned, so I'm trying next year I guess. Meanwhile, I have a few ideas up my sleeve, including come up with an entrepreneurial idea and retire early (I spelled that word right without spell check, I feel as though I'm on the right track). I'm reading "The Art of Happiness" / Dalai Lama and he says I have to expect people to be compassionate and kind, and then I will be too. I should think about people who have less, so I feel better, and do things that make me feel fulfilled. I should start saying hi to everyone like my dad does, and lay on the beach all day.

Unless some graduate school miracle occurs, I'll be in NY for another year it seems. I need a new neighborhood, either a new job or more excitement about my current one, and a Dalai Lama in my pocket. I should be able to soldier on. When life hands you lemons, slice them up and have a vodka soda on some trendy ass rooftop in Tribeca.

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