February 12, 2010

Friday, I Wuv You and Hate You.

Fridays are a drag. I'm happy to have off for the next three days, but Fridays are either so stressful and busy because everyone procrastinates all week, or they're really slow and I want to sleep under my desk with the roaches, rather than stare at my uber bright computer screen for one more second.

Today's survival tips:

1. Actually read all the e-newsletters in your inbox. I'm somewhat fascinated by these manly anti-princess/unicorn/poodle cupcakes:

2. Go to lunch for once. Eat something besides yogurt and granola bars. Thai for example.

3. Create Pandora station based on the Original Broadway Cast Wicked soundtrack. It will play things from Rent, Glee, Lion King, Aladdin, and hopefully Hercules and Little Mermaid.

4. Join the Facebook group SECRET NEW YORK and make lofty plans to finally explore the city after 2.5 years of living here...starting with Chelsea Market.

5. Start watching the digital clocks on computer, phone, cell phone, and ipod and wonder if this is some kind of sick joke.

P.S. You know what this weekend is... so here you go. This will likely be my only mention of VDay unless I actually get shot in the heart with a real arrow, in which case I'll think of a humorous and dramatic play by play account and post pics of the surgical removal of said arrow.

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