July 17, 2009

Funny Kids

Funny things my friends said to me this week via G-Chat or text.
There are tons more, but for some reason, I wrote these down. Out of context, maybe they seem crazy, but I'm sure the conversation was just as weird and off the wall as the quote.

Trevanie: haha she was in a sorority; no wonder she's annoying with group things

Xtine: hahahah God making men and women attracted to each other was a cruel thing to do
Xtine: bc all women think men are idiots and all men think women are insane

J9: we went 3-1 last night in dodgeball. i took a ball to the face and it knocked my glasses off. so geeky.

P-Fiddy: Eat it.

Sushi: You would prob be peeing your pants at all the trevors in connecticut. Nom cats.

CW: i know asians are my favorite babies
CW: hahahahahahahahhahaha
i typed that- thought about how messed up it sounded- disregarded it- and sent it
i'm biased toward chubby irish babies too in case you were wondering

Lobsta: they should make a law that azn's must stay babies like azn's can't get older then 6 or 7
Lobsta: but mooommmm i was 7 last year.... shut up lil Jimmy Chung ur 7 again
i swear this kid looks 55... nope... he's 7 swear to g-d

Sarisha: David-O is trying on a "memories" t-shirt lol it's like 10 sizes too small

*Names have been slightly altered to protect the true identity of the characters

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