June 5, 2009

G-Chatting Yer Mom

Mom: there is a deer in my garden
me: deer in your garden? hahaha
Mom: yea he just boldly walked up and started munching on my flowers
me: hahahahahahahahahah
Mom: good thing I have a lot of flowers or I would have to shoot peas out of a straw
me: WHAT?
Mom: didn't you ever hear of a pea shooter?
me: uh no
Mom: It's an attention getter. You aim it at the deer and shoot. put the pea in your mouth and propell it thru the straw
me: haha wow i should use that on people and pigeons
Mom: or you can use spit balls (you know wadded up wet napkin) made wet by your spit
you have to practice
me: i will practice
during church tonight
Mom: good place to start
Mom: you could probably look up the history I think native tribes used to shoot darts @ prey that way It goes way back maybe prehistoric
me: well naturally, you want to shoot things that bother you
Mom: naturally, Rhonda and I had a conversation today about shooting targets ...funny we should be on it maybe we should be careful and have more loving kind thoughts
me: meh i think violent thoughts are good.
Mom: I never actually thought about it that way.....interesting
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  1. Haha omg mother she is something I tell you I need to get me a pea shooter