May 1, 2009


I'm thinking that relay flip cup in a random bar while there's a pandemic going around is akin to playing Russian Roulette...

This morning on the way to work, a religious zealot was walking behind me screaming about God or something, so I cranked up my iPod. "Get Low" by Lil Jon was on. What a contrast. It made me smile.

In other news, I'm joining a dodgeball league in the fall. Dodgefall. I have rage issues.

My writing teacher says my style and humor are similiar to Sara Barron's, and she told me to read
People Are Unappealing: Even Me. I'm not sure if this is a compliment or not...

A sales rep just sent me a lottery ticket ($220 million). If I win, I'm quitting my job, taking a world tour, and moving to California to surf. SEE YA!


  1. hahahaha it is! Don't get the pig flu please.

  2. I seriously hope you win the lottery. And if you do, remember your sisters. Also, I really can't get over the dodgeball thing. You must have really been thinking about it, because I completely channeled it into my morning dream. And I think I want to read that book when you're finished with it. Kthnxbai.

  3. i would like to read that as well! lol