April 1, 2009

Random Goings-on

Penn State won the NIT (No Invitation Tournament) game last night. It was amazing how many PSU fans were there. It made me seriously miss State College, but luckily I'm going this weekend for my sister's gallery show! This morning I saw an old lady with gauged earrings all over her ears and a leather jacket with white-out drawings of skulls on it. She was rockin. I hope I'm that cool as a senior citizen. I also think it's sad when people hand out materials about Jesus on the streets. I say "no thanks" to everything people hand out, but it's especially funny when I have to say "no thanks" to god. Typical New York. At work we have an ad unit called "Site in a Box." What does that remind you of? I'm moving two floors up in 3 weeks. I have to miss alumni weekend, but we're saving money and most of us know that Blue and White weekend last year was quite intense. I had a hotel room, but slept in a car. Does anyone want to help us carry couches and beds on April 25th? Free beer and a high 5?

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