April 8, 2009

I Feel Relatively Neutral Towards NY

Hearts and Stars:
  • Winning the bracket ($500!) and being 5 points behind the guy that won the $10k national bucket. If I wasn't an idiot and had entered the CBS Sportsline bracket for free, I would've been 18th in the country... out of approximately 2 MILLION people. My uncle did the math.  I picked my teams randomly within about 2 minutes one morning, and I have no idea how this happened. If it happens again, I'm retiring to Vegas
  • Fondly and randomly recalling my sister's childhood love for Hampster Habitrails
  • Finding pizza I actually like at Vezzo 
  • blip.fm which is like music Twitter but much more useful (because new music is exciting)
  • Madison Square Park has flowers and green finally
  • Moving soon just because I like to move
  • I had a dream that I was in outer space looking at earth through a window
  • Tomorrow is David's 19th birthday and he makes me happy
  • The BBC Planet Earth series. It's addictive and they say things like, "Wild ass, the great nomads..." like it's not funny! I would like to know what sober stiff did the voiceover without laughing.
Kicks and Shoves:
  • Having negative dollars in my bank account. Literally.
  • Hearing a Meatloaf song that spawned my fear of wolves and my hatred for roses. My dad used to blast it in the car in the 80's and I haven't been the same since 
  • Sitting next to lunching mega-rich ladies who pay over $5k a month for their apartments (I know because they talked about it)
  • Snow in April or anytime except Christmas
  • The Path train and especially homeless people on it, except for Teddy
  • Someone threw their dead flowers onto our terrace. My mom thought maybe it was the equivalent of throwing rocks at our window, but told me not to find out because it might be a trap. I'm pretty sure our upstairs neighbors are just dimwits
  • The floor in my apartment is buckling from water leaking in through the terrace
  • smugmug.com because they never posted our random pictures from the PSU Art Crawl
  • Always feeling like my ribs are broken from Pilates and laughing too much out of hysteria

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  1. HOORAY for hearts and stars...

    boo for kicks and shoves.