April 21, 2009

Awkward Models

I'm not saying their jobs are easy. I'm not even saying it's their fault. Maybe the photographer was a creepy old man with a moutache. Maybe they had a stomach virus or were horribly hungover. Perhaps the photo editor is blind. In any case, I noticed these today in random fashion e-blast newsletters I received (specifically, shopittome.com.) Needless to say, I did not even consider buying anything. Here's why:


This girl is totally beat! It looks like she went to a rave all night and barely got up off the floor to attend the photo shoot. WTH! Are those scuba pants??

I'm not even gonna comment on the outfit, but she looks like a heinous bitch. I will not be messing with her. She's a model, she should not look like she's saying, "What are YOU looking at?"
Really? Is this supposed to be seductive or cute or pretty? Because it honestly looks like she's about to suck someone's blood for lunch.
Is she disgusted at being on a reality show? Or maybe she just smells the river.
My favorite: The Ultimate Awkward Pose, Model, and Photo.
Gray on Gray. A thoughtful choice.


  1. Haha this is the best! People who publish and shoot these should get fired! Fo Rilz. Hooray for the reality show one that I found too! Haha i love awkwardness... it makes my day

  2. Ummm who is the art director/photographer in these cases? I feel like it's some inadequate college grad who was definitely not qualified for the job and definitely accepted lower pay than someone more experienced. Now I don't feel so underprepared for a job. I actually feel completely superior and smug.

  3. these girls clearly haven't been watching America's Next Top Model. I don't see a single one of them smiling with her eyes.