March 29, 2009

Tar Heels, Bird Dogs, + My Dad's Kid Rock

First of all, I am still #1 in my bracket. I've never liked/watched/cared about basketball, so naturally I picked randomly based on my feelings towards the school or state. Literally I only lost 11 games out of 60. All of my picks got to the Final Four. Now I just need Michigan State and Carolina to win next Saturday and then the Tar Heels (what is that?) need to take it all. My sports fanatic uncles and their friends probably hate me... :)

I went home yesterday because I haven't been home since early February and the patriarch requested my presence at dinner and church. Can't say no to my grandfather. Ever. So Saturday after a 3 hour commute, I went to play with my uncle's new hunting puppy, Luke. I wanted to take him home but then I remembered that he would grow up and have the urge to drag dead birds around, so I let that thought go.

I had dinner at Grammy's and seriously it's like I haven't eaten in months. Her food is so good. David and I always talk about how she has secrets and adds a little of this and a little of that and stuff tastes so much better! Also her house is so calming and it makes me happy.

David's prayer: "God, thank you for that song "Chickens for Peace," but I don't get it because chickens are not peaceful.Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Amen."

Saturday night Erin came with me to get mom at the airport and then I stayed at Erins. Today I went to church, breakfast, and visited with the family more. My dad took me to meet Steph in Easton in his new toy. It's a gigantic hemi truck thing? I had to climb into it... imagine two giant steps up. Mother may I? It has a "Kid Rock" license plate and a speaker system that sort of makes my ears bleed. It also has a horn that sounds like a train and another horn option that whistles at girls aka me and my stepmom. And we wonder why I don't seriously date very often. L O L.


  1. I am angry with the bracket it got my hopes up to #2 and then shot them down to #7 DOWN WITH THE TAR HEELS. GO WILDCATS!!!!!

    I want a puppy and to visit grammys and eat her food. Dad got a new truck? I thought you meant his old one? Mike is scared of Dad haha it makes me laugh.

  2. That is seriously the cutest puppy ever!!! When are these bastketball games supposed to be over? I'm rooting for exactly the opposite teams as you are: Villanova and Connecticut, with Nova winning it all. I'm number 2. Catching up to you. You might wanna watch out. Or just step aside.