March 10, 2009


Portland: I'm not sure if I can blame my futile expectations for sunlight, my miserable sinus infection, or the jet lag, but it's not really what I imagined. Or something. I guess I knew it would rain and I know it's winter, but I managed to forget a coat and my umbrella in Jersey. I'm also culture shocked and I'm buzzing around like a maniac while the rest of the city sits around in used book stores sipping on soy tea lattes on weekdays at 10 a.m. Doesn't anyone work? I saw lots of dreadlocks, homeless people, coffee shops, funny bumper stickers, and heard lots of new age bands playing on the radios.

I got here really late on Sunday night so I basically just went to bed. Monday we looked at some apartments, went to the giant book store (I got a Dalai Lama book and the new Augusten Burroughs collection and Susan picked out a story for me about a NYC girl who moves to the country and finds herself.. hint hint?) Then we drove down to the water to look at these giant high rise condos that they are now renting out since the economy is so bad. I saw a 2 bedroom that was the same price I pay now and twice the size. I felt like the kids in Eurotrip when they got to Bratislava. "Ah! A nickel!" The weather is absolutely insane and my mom says it matches my moods. One minute it's sunny and then it's hailing. Then it will be snowing peacefully and then torrentially downpouring. We had dinner at this romantical little place down the street from the hotel that grows their own food on a local farm. If I could taste, I would tell you it was delicious. They played some indie music and new age stuff, including a little number featuring a rubber duckie. No joke.

Today I went to W+K for an informational sit-down meeting. I was raging from all the medicine and the cold, but I managed to schmooze my way through it. The space is amazing. 6 floors of a warehouse, including a gym, yoga studio, nap rooms and hammocks on the deck. I was then informed that "media people work long hours." Oh, really? I had no idea. I mean this place invented the Nike brand, so I guess it wouldn't be a bad gig. I'm just not jiving or something! What is up with this? Then we ate cupcakes, saw another studio apartment, ate lunch at a dingy little bar with velvet booths, and then I took a 4 hour nap while Susan interviewed. They got back and went in the hot tub while I mentally wrestled in a fitful sleep. Around 5 we drove to this place in the NE ghetto that used to be a school but was transformed into a huge venue with restaurants, bars, a $3 movie theatre, and a spa. Weird, but totally appropriate in this city. For those Twilight fans out there, I did see Edward up here in the NW! Because the movie playing happened to be Twilight. Yes, I managed to sit through it again and yes, I laughed the entire time... again. We ate dinner in the school pipe room and Susan and I jukeboxed some Pink Floyd, Ben Harper and The Strokes. We fit in... 

I can't decide if I'm actually not feeling this vibe, or if I'm not letting myself because I'm not ready to leave New York on some level. I want to be ready to leave and do something different and rock my gypsy soul, but maybe I'm just not. Or something. 

I may or may not write again from Vegas, but I had to blog Portland before I get distracted... 

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  1. ok #1 Susan said there was no ghetto... #2 Susan also forgot a jacket (coincidence?) #3 Susan seemed to have been wearing rose colored glasses compared to you lol