March 25, 2009

Panama in the City

Yesterday I was going to blog because it was a weird day, but then I got home too late and fell asleep, so here is a recap. I woke up out of a dream in which there was a giant bluebird on an ocean and I was standing on a ledge. The little sister did some research and told me that it means happiness and sadness and a resolution to the paradoxes in my life (doubtful!). "The dream may also represent a lack of understanding in the affairs of the heart." (Lulz)

Tuesday is stupid in general and we should all work from home, so naturally everything was annoying. The office dog was here and I had a demented urge to give it some Hershey's kisses. My team announced to the entire agency that I was, in fact, researching sex shops for a new business pitch. The night before, one of the top people here looked at me and asked, "Sneaker Monday?" FML. I also decided that Twitter is stupid but I will try to stay on board. Last night I went to the International Independent Film and Video Festival and that was just great. There were some creepy Italian shorts (Panama! What would Panama be without me?) and some bizarre existential American numbers. I can't really describe it, but it was amusing and well worth the $16 ($15 for the movies, $1 for the kid asking me to support his Morningside basketball team aka his big brother's crack habit).

After the show, I finally went to the Croc Lounge on the Far East Side. It was glorious. Dive bar + Free Pizza + Hilarious Bartender + Skiball? You can't go wrong!

Okay, really I'm just killing 10 minutes, so now I'm gonna release you back into cyberspace. I have nothing else to say because I forgot the point of this.

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