March 22, 2009

Not for the Faint of Heart....

For work, I happen to be researching sex shops (Don't ask). It's fairly interesting, because I can't imagine Googling these places otherwise, let alone walking into the shops without a disguise or an entourage. Some of the shops are fine, but some are just seriously freaky! I don't know why, since this is Manhattan, but I always just feel like everyone knows me. I actually will walk down the street repeating memorized poetry or songs just in case people can hear my thoughts. It's crazy, but true. I don't even think about interesting things usually. I just cling to privacy and it would really bother me if I found out someone could read me. I'm good at figuring other people out, but I do not want to be figured out totally, if that makes sense.

Anyway, these websites are pretty awkward, hence I'm trying to do the research at home, instead of in the cube tomorrow. I need to find out if these shops have done advertising, advertise now, have an agency, or would be willing to advertise. This information is elusive apparently. The websites will tell me about every fetish I didn't want to imagine, but I can't find a damn flyer to save my life.

WARNING: This website contains adult material. If you are under 18, or if sex toys and sexually explicit material offends you, leave.


If you are not over 21 years of age, if adult material offends you, or if you are accessing this site from any country or locale where adult material is specifically prohibited by law, Please Do Not Enter This Site.

(Oook now I really feel like I'm being bad and I'm really scared to click thru. Also funny that these websites are all serving up ads for Vegas..)

Am I really gonna have to do a sex shop tour to find answers?! Do you even know how many sex shops there are in New York City? Can't I have the cupcakes and icecream category instead?

*Sigh* Such is life.


  1. Ok about that irrational fear that someone's going to be able to read your mind...what? I think your imagination is a little out of hand. Truth is, if you think about it, the only people (like Marja) who could potentially read your body language enough to make it look like they're reading your mind are probably too wrapped up in their own little world in NYC to even notice you walking into a shady hole-in-the-wall, where you tap the third brick on the left and the secret entrance opens and swallows you up and *poof* you're in a sex shop full of wonders and dildos! Wow. Longest sentence ever.

  2. Oh! And remember that time when I had that dream that you had flavored condoms and mom found them and was like "What are these for?" Yea. I just thought of that. I have weird dreams. As do you, apparently.