March 3, 2009

A Day in the Life

Here's a typical day at work for me and most of my friends:

9:10am (slightly late: not too kiss ass, but not too slack off): log in and immediately open Outlook, Gmail, and a music website (imeem, pandora, or myspace)

9:15am: start a chat conversation with roommate that will last all day long. Literally yesterday my roommate and I logged an 854 line chat. I know, because Gmail records it.
The chat starts with 1 of 3 things
1. I feel really sick and/or I feel like I was run over by a freaking Path train.
2. I cannot believe we're at work AGAIN. EFF THIS. When is it Friday!?
3. Seriously kill me. I am in a cage.

9:20am: Deleting and filing work emails, reading newsletters (DailyCandy, Thrillist), checking Facebook, reading advertising trade article headlines

9:25am: Phone rings... time to put on the headphones and blast Metal or Seriously Hard Rock. Phone call gets ignored. ALWAYS. 

9:30am: Shuffle to kitchen for coffee. Coffee is gone? Definitely too lazy to make more. Tea it is. Add lots of sugar. 

10:30am: Somehow it's 10:30. But it's still only 10:30. OMG. Chat with roommate about boys (Trevors: see old Blog) or how much work sucks or how we should probably move to San Diego because the weather is horrendous and this city is stupid. Email fellow office spacing midtowner about something incredibly random and ridiculous. BlackBerry chat about upcoming Vegas vacation. Text sister.

10:40am: More GChats begin. I spend at least 10 minutes every hour for the rest of the day clicking on links sent to me by friends:
Listen to this song. It's so accurate. 
LOL look at this!
Read this.
Meanwhile, I am doing work, but I lose focus every few minutes. Somehow I still get it all done and I still manage to be an over-achiever while answering friends with witticisms and cynicism and while suppressing explosive laughter all day long. Talk law schooler through class.

11am: Ugh time for a meeting. Draw violently in the margins and nod occasionally.

12:00: Wow, it's only noon. Granola bar time. Email sisters 
"Enjoy college, because after that your time is going to be monopolized by a cubicle and Excel. HELP. Listen to this song, you'll never guess what happened, can't wait til vacation la la la"

12:30pm: Possibly take an hour lunch or just sit in the cube with a microwaved mini Tupperware square bowl of leftover noodles and curse my cooking skills.

12:45pm: Start an email chain with college friends

1pm: Realize I wasted most of the morning and manage to focus for a full 30 minutes on a spreadsheet. Pat on back! 

1:30pm: Google how to play bass guitar, or a map of Oregon, or how many Earths fit inside Jupiter (990). Cannot focus! It's a struggle!

1:45pm: Read email replies from college friends and sisters. Immediately reply back.
-> Sister: "You're very dramatic."

3pm: Copy and paste funny quotes from friends to other friends and threaten to quit Corporate America and become a teacher or work in a coffee shop or bartend. Swearing ensues. I need vodka. I need Saturday. You settle down!


4:20pm: Little sister calls 
Sister: Whatcha doin?
Me: uh, same thing I was doing yesterday and every day...working?! What else would I be doing?! :)

4:30pm: 30 minutes to go. Home stretch, frantically send follow up emails, plug in numbers, and calculate CPMs and Rates while changing playlists and song surfing every 40 seconds

5pm: PEACE! On a good day, on a bad day it's more cursing, frantic number crunching, and laughing out loud from delirium until I can leave at 6:30pm in a mad dash to the elevator bank.

Ah, to be young and restless in Manhattan!