February 10, 2009


Hi. Right now I'm a little.... sort of... going... OUT OF MY MIND!!!! I'm so restless. I couldn't even sleep last night, because I'm thinking ahead and I don't know what to do with my life! Why was I going to move again? Oh right, because I always said I would and because I was going to save money to go to grad school for writing to be a teacher. Why shouldn't I move? Because I know a lot of people here and I have a good job (today the office dog ate a whole bag of croissants) and it's close to "home." I really need to make a giant pros and cons list before April, which is when I need to re-sign or resign my lease. YIKES (stripes! fruit striped gum and bubblegum...)

In case any of my BF's are wondering why I email so much throughout the day and why I respond so fast, it's because I'm bored out of my mind, I can't focus at all, and my ADD has advanced to a scary degree by which I am a super person that works so fast to catch up in the brief snitches of time that I CAN actually focus that I'm afraid I'll be running on batteries soon. I somehow get work done, while emailing and planning and thinking and writing and researching obscure things on Google all. day. long. It's exhausting. And yet, I feel like I could run the length of Manhattan or kick in the walls or something! No, I am not on drugs.

Besides that, in the last couple of days I've been debating whether or not we should get my mom flowers for her birthday. She lives in Washington (the state, not the district) and I'm way too lazy to go to the post office, plus I don't know how to use the post office. I can't just click "Send?" But omfg, flowers are effing $80.00 with tax and shipping and snacks, slacks and knick knack shacks attached! Can't I just send one GD stinkin' flower? Here's what will happen in a nutshell. If they even find her house in the forest, she won't be home to accept the delivery so they will leave them on the porch and a grizzly bear or koala will eat them. If she is home and they find the house in the forest, then Diego the dumb but charming cat will chew on them and throw up all over the kitchen table. Then MB (her *shudder* husband, my *shudder* step-"father") will bring home an enormous exotic arrangement of flowers that will take up the whole damn dining room and blow our stupid flower out of the water. Best case scenario, we'll dish out 80 bucks and then they will die in 3 days. I don't think we should get the flowers.... 

Here's me with some dead flowers

Email from Small Sister: Where does Mom even live? I don't even know. 

Good Idea of the Day: Jellio
Stupid Idea of the Day: Smitten


  1. i just feel as tho if we dont get flowers i have NO CLUE what to get mom lol i got her a card... idk GRRR i HATE presents. i wish i was the grinch... for every holiday... especially valentines day...ARGH!!!!

  2. I love Jellio. I want a cupcake table! There were $20 flowers under those ones you sent, you know. But they were slightly ugly. But you know what? Since MB's flowers are probably going to overpower ours (since they'll be dipped in pure gold and embossed with Love words) maybe the $20 won't be so much of a sacrifice.