February 22, 2009

Mission: Cake, Central Park, 24

Friday I went to a super secret undercover sample sale with J9 as her +1. We planned to meet on the subway, because there's something spy, action hero movie and exciting about that feat. I was going to get on the first car at 28th and Park and then at the next stop, stick my head out the door. The timing had to be perfect, so no one was waiting around awkwardly on the platform with the rats. So we were thinking we should probably wear cloaks and carry mysterious briefcases and wear sunglasses. "If I wave once.... jump on. If I fist pump... run to the other end of the train and jump on the last car. If I thumbs up... go back to the office. If I thumbs down, I'm being held hostage."

Of course, I was late and she was already at Grand Central, so I stood around in my sunglasses for awhile and then I had to call her (very discreet) and we met in the giant green room with the clocks and I couldn't stop laughing to save my life for some reason. We would be terrible spies. Here we are being ridiculous:

Friday night, Susan, Sarah and Nicole came for my birthday. We got Grimaldi's pizza. It's the best ever, but they said 15 minutes, and it was more like an hour and 15 minutes. Nicole called twice. We were nice about it, but we were starving and then we felt awful when the delivery guy turned out to be way past retirement age. I still feel bad. He probably got fired after 60 years of working there, because we were hungry. Sad face. I bet he was THE Mr. Grimaldi! We then watched Wedding Crashers and some Fashion Week coverage on the local channel. Grammy sent a cake (the most delicious cake in the entire world, hands down. Pink icing and rainbow sprinkles, especially for me!!!!) Instead of singing, they brought it into the living room, still wrapped and put it on the coffee table. Then we each had a piece and used "funtensils." Now, that's style.

Saturday we went to the Central Park zoo. It was smelly, but mildly entertaining. The penguins were cute and the sleepy polar bear was cuddly in an enormous flesh eating carnivore sort of way. I was fascinated by the bats/mice/alligator tank. They were bats on crack. It was pretty cool. I did not enjoy the safari room. Birds flying around as they please with no glass between us? Not cool at all. From there we walked around the park and took pictures.

Then we went to the West side and enjoyed little cupcakes at Buttercup Bake Shop. When Sarah was born, I really wanted to name her Buttercup. I was so disappointed when they made me name my doll that instead. That would've been a great name for a real baby. We kind of nicknamed her that, so I thought it would be cute to take her to the Buttercup Bake Shop . Peanut Butter and jelly cupcake? Delicious. And I'm not really a dessert person. I prefer salt, but between Grammy's cake and the PBJ cupycake, it was a good weekend for sweets. Then we saw He's Just Not That Into You. ("That was stupid.") I was surprised that it was really nothing like the book at all and had a girl ending. As in, it basically nixed the entire premise of the book and gave most of the characters a happy ending. "You're the rule, not the exception" is the book, but the movie was, "But you're my exception." Vom. I did laugh a few times though. We had dinner at Chat N' Chew, and then came back to the Jerz and watched Vanity Fair and Knocked Up.

It was nice not being hungover at all this weekend. This week will be busy though. Concerts Monday and Wednesday, along with turning 24 (ugh) and taking a mid-week day off because I feel like it. Two weeks until Portland and Vegas. Can't wait.

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