February 3, 2009

Like a Radio...

Today I like the smell of smoking outside, looking at snow, my apartment, Gmail, imeem.com, Jon & Kate Plus 8 especially Alexis (awww!!), and impractical life plans. 

I don't like Tuesday, the cube, spreadsheets, formulas, walking in snow, being cold, wearing coats, a schedule, commercials, or flatlining days

The End: Jason Reeves
Motorcycle Drive By: Third Eye Blind
Where's the Soul, I want to know. New York City's evil, the surface is everything
#9 Dream: REM
Another Lennon cover
Song for the Road: David F0rd
I'll wear my cynicism like a tattoo
Old Man: Neil Young
Love lost, such a cost. Give me things that don't get lost
Let's Make This Moment a Crime: The Format
Meet Me in California: Plain White T's
Stars on the Water: George Strait
Someday We'll Know: Mandy Moore (bleh but it was in my head)
Two years later, you're still on my mind
I Go Back: Kenny Chesney
A Little Past Little Rock: Lee Ann Womack
Medicine Man Soundtrack 
Susan brought this up this week and it was overplayed in my childhood on long car trips down the coast, but now it's actually relaxing rather than torturous
I'm Still Here: Pearl Jam (not to be confused with "I'm Still Alive." This is spoken and so relatable)

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