February 8, 2009

Beautiful Oblivion... in Real Time

I never look at or recognize people in the morning. I'm not awake before coffee or before noon. I don't like AM and I don't enjoy chatting. One time Pat creepily followed me from the sidewalk, through the turnstile and all the way onto the train, where he hovered and loomed until I finally turned around with a fist and realized I knew him. Friday, this guy Dan aka McLovin that was one of my reps at Zenith stood directly across from me on the train from Hoboken to 9th Street (about 10-15 minutes) until I saw him laughing at me and realized I knew him. 

I had a meeting with Time Inc. on Friday and the rep looked like Dan Akroyd. Then I got back to my desk and the creative guys were actually talking about Dan Akroyd out of nowhere. They did not ever see the rep in the office. Odd. I actually hate that people try to sell me things all day long. It is annoying. Some helpful tips for salespeople. 1. If you bash your competition, I will buy your competition instead. 2. If you annoy me and write wordy emails every other day, I will not put you on the plan. 3. If I want something, I will come to you. 4. Don't EVER call me. I will never return your call. Learn to send me an email and you may or may not get a response in a timely manner. 5. Don't email me from CA and ask about the shitty NYC weather or I will cross you off the spreadsheet. In other news, I am making a real advertising plan for an entire year for a real national client with real money by myself basically. Who put me in charge? Scary thought.

Listen to Ari Hest and Eve 6 "Beautiful Oblivion."
I listened to that on repeat as I walked around at lunch. The tick tock of the clock is painful, all sane and logical. I want to tear it off the wall! Then a pigeon flew right at me. I feel like I'm a magnet for pigeons, in the same way that I am a magnet for guys that either lie or are apathetic. Hopefully like does not attract like in these instances. As I contemplated pigeons and dating, I realized that I'm pretty immature when it comes to relationships. I'm okay with it. I just hope it's a phase and that I'm growing or something. I really don't want to be like Carrie's editor on SATC, who is 55 and single and freaking out about running into the player she's dating on the wrong side of the city. "I have it all. On the East side. He has someone else on the West side. The park provides a buffer. I don't have time for a full-time man. I have a full-time job." Thanks, but no.

Next weekend, Lisa and Ash are coming for an anti-Valentine's/Birthday Extravaganza. We're going to see that puppet Broadway show.... what is it called? Oh. Avenue Q. They also want to go to the wax museum/tourist trap/freaky celebrity photo op place. 
me: I live here...so i can do anything anytime. ill do whatever you guys wanna do... within reason. no strip clubs, no harlem, no bronx zoo. that is just unreasonable haha
ash: prostitutes?
me: i will think about it
ash: cuz really, what is valentines day with out a good hooker?
ash: alright, i'll get the tickets then...what time do you want to go? cuz apparently we have time slots lol
me: to see wax??
ash: yes
me: uh afternoon? not like 6am to 8am. 
ash: oh i wanted to go at 8am.. before the wax wakes up
ash: OMG. the Jonas Brothers wax sculptures arrive on the 12th.. what great timing
me: HA HA P
ERFECTTTT!!!!!!! yAy LoVe tHeM

Friday night I went out in Hoboken with "The Wreckers." Here we are:

The four of us had sangria and chicken fingers at the best place ever. Then went out and E Diddy got kicked out of the nastiest bar in this town because... something about a European. Then we made mac and cheese... well attempted to make mac and cheese and fell asleep watching Superbad. Typical night. Last night we went to little James Dean's apartment to pregame before going to the city for Steph's birthday. We went from a fratastic double beer pong 30 man's men testosterone tournament to a 4 floor bar in the city that was literally 70% Asian. An interesting evening... drama, shots and diners ensued. This morning a giant vase shattered all over my room. There is blue glass in my bed. I need to call my mom and cry and tell her I don't know how to clean it up. 

Funny site of the day: fmylife

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  1. omigosh great website. i bookmarked it and i'm going to start submitting to it. i've recently discovered that it seems i say that at least once a day, more often to myself than not. is this possibly the Secret taking revenge?