December 19, 2008

Work Life Balance for Realio

Last night at my office party, there was an erotic belly dancer putting on a show in reception. There were also crazy holiday hats, models, a bartender who thought rum was the same as vodka, and I hung out in the studio and chatted about slacking off and boxing. Sometimes I have to wonder, where the eff do I work?! I would go on about this, but I have a serious fear that someone I work with will find my blog or maybe they already read it. I mean it is on the internet after all. If you work with me, and you are reading this, you should know that I have nothing but good things to say. I'm also a little taken aback and there is a weird look on my face sometimes because I'm not used to unconventional jobs. Well that isn't true. I once worked at a drug dealing Italian restaurant. I've also worked at Late Night Penn State: The Craft where mostly Asians and a few Dungeons and Dragons fans would come and paint cheap wooden things and ask me how to make green (Go back to Kindergarten and then ask me). However, more recently, I worked in corporate hell and it's nothing like this new gig. I'm working from home right now! WHAT!

Except I'm so blonde that I forgot to save one of the documents I need to my desktop. You mean I can't connect to the network from my couch? Damn. To my credit, I packed up my computer after two drinks and a sip of the brand new fad, "Bacardi and Soda Water." So delicious.

My best and most long-term friends are coming to visit tomorrow. I've known Erin since I was 3 and then I met Kirby in 2nd grade. Then I introduced Kirby to Erin and Kirby introduced us to Tiff in 5th grade. Then I had home room with Alison and Schramm in 6th grade and Alicia moved to Pen Argyl in 9th grade. The senior class trip sealed the deal and we're sisters now! Corny? Yes. But I don't care. So I was explaining the joys of Hoboken compared to the city, and I think I hit the nail on the head. Hoboken is the 6th borough of Manhattan, but it has more Villanova fratastic financial types as well as these.

I had a really horrible week, what with being sick and my crazy mother and other stressful things, involving drinking, but then I talked to my awesomeness equivalent and personal adventure motivator last night, and now I'm just excited for trips and moving to South America and buying my own slot machine. You know who you are! Do you even read this?

Okay enough procrastinating. I have to do research and then schlep into the city for a Darden girls reunion of shopping, sledding, gossiping and joyness. I LOVE SNOW and FRIDAY.. and working from home :)


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm your awesomeness equivalent... If I am then I'm glad I made your horrible week better! (didn't even know you had this til now)

  2. try the fact that I have 9th, 10th and 11th graders who don't know how to make green.

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