December 16, 2008

Torture Tuesday After Rockin the Free World

I'm now taking requests. This one goes out to J9.

Dow Jones and Company invited me to see the Neil Young concert last night. Well actually they invited my boss, but he couldn't go so he asked if I wanted to and if I "even know who Neil Young is." The answer is yes. I kind of had to man up about going though, because I apply his music to a certain disastrous relationship. I made myself listen to "Old Man," "Southern Man," and "Down by the River" all week to develop a tolerance, so to speak.

I was still recovering from the weekend, but I was thinking the night would be pretty chill. We had box seats with Barrons and Wall Street Journal, which conjures pictures of cigars and stock talk. When I walked into the suite, there were three reps who just got back from taking "SHOTS!!" Awkward laugh. Really? Lesson 1. Never let a sales rep make your drinks. Especially never let a male sales rep make your drinks after he has taken shots. I politely downed a cranberry vodka that must've had half a cup of Grey Goose in it. Then I made a fake drink with only soda water in it. Either I have tolerance issues and my liver no longer processes alcohol or I can no longer tell how strong my drinks are. Anyway, we chatted with the reps and one kept shouting "you shoulda brought your mom!" I got a text from my mom that said "I'm very envious," and he was apparently excited about that. We didn't talk about the account at all, which is fine but somehow (note I am at least 10, if not 20 years younger than all of the reps and I'm the only client there) we ended up yelling at the stage, "FREE WORLD!!!!! PLAY FREE WORLD!" I do love the harmonica.

Neil was pretty friggin hipster, wearing Walmart acid washed jeans. He may or may not have had a mullet. Wilco opened and they were awesome. I actually zoned out and almost fell asleep. Neil played for at least 2 hours. Maybe longer. All I know is that I left at 12:30 and the guy was still playing. Isn't he like 80 years old? God, he's so damn cool. Somehow I had the worst hangover of all time. Maybe the top shelf liquor was too much, but I swear I had 2 drinks made by the rep. I made a weak drink for myself and then I had half a Heineken. That's really not enough to make me sick, but sure enough I cursed the stock market all day long and whined a whole lot. Unreal. Then we had our grab bag dirty Santa exchange at work. My secret random gift for the pile was an Absolut gift set. Somehow I wound up with a Homer Simpson Chia Pet.

Torture Tuesday never lets me down...

J9, not sure if I represented the evening very well, but honestly that's all I got. At least the rage is gone!

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  1. ... but sure enough I cursed the stock market all day long and whined a whole lot.

    I also had a long chat about advertising on the wall st. journal website and knowing your audience. I should have known then that my drinks were too strong. Also I didn't remember half the conversation I had with Lauren when I got home and completely forgot about the free diamonds she got. I also wore sneakers to work yesterday. no more alcohol until tonight.