December 2, 2008

I suck at Craigslist

Tonight I went to Beauty Bar near Union Square. I got a cosmo and a green manicure and I learned that the place really used to be a beauty salon and about 10 years ago, they made it into a bar. The vintage salon chairs are still there and walls are sparkly! It was kind of like being in a secondhand speakeasy. Now there are Beauty Bars in San Fran, Vegas and LA, but NYC is the legit original.

I also learned that you can literally find everything on Craigslist. I got my job on there, but you can also get paid to have someone experiment with your hair, you can make friends, go on an art gallery bar tour and even get an audition! That's the other thing. I live in freaking New York City. I'm the kid who wanted to be a writer and an actor, and instead I'm a media planner. What am I thinking?! The least I can do with my extra hours every evening is audition or take classes. Note to self: cut the crap and start taking advantage of the center of the world....I'm such a slacker!!!

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