November 6, 2008

Sophomore Year in the Real World

I'm turning a page in my blog life and converting to Google's blogspot from Livejournal. I'm no longer 18 years old thankfully, so I feel I need an upgrade. Not to mention Google is taking over the world and I'm jumping on the bandwagon before I'm totally out of the loop. Times New Roman isn't cutting it anymore. I'm a child of the digital revolution and I just need more from my blank pages. I want sidebars and autosaving and videos and audio clips! I mean even Postsecret is on blogspot!

To access my archived material from January 2005 through yesterday 2008...

I'm vaguely sad about this for some reason. Livejournal was there through my first frat party, waves of different friends and classes, vacations (see May 31, 2006), my first real job, and a year and a half in New York City. It was even there when I apparently didn't write at all in 2007, or at least I didn't write in public. Livejournal was a procrastination device when I couldn't bring myself to care about the history of math. It was a passive aggressive forum for talking about people in code when we were young and dramatic. It got me through the worst job I ever had (even worse than the gas station), and it was good enough to log my life til I saw the greener grass on Looking back, I can sleep at night knowing my life is still ironic (January 30, 2005) and I still use lyrics when I can't find my own words (February 7, 2005). I promise to still be a cynical optimist (October 23, 2008) and I can guarantee I'll continue to be crazy and sarcastic (February 12, 2006). Rest in peace past entries and years. We have a new President, I'm starting a new job on Monday, and it's pouring outside. Here's to my future and may my blogs be vaguely entertaining and thoughtful... or whatever.

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  1. Aww...Elane, your blogs will always be amusing to me. As horrible as it is, when you are writing about how much life sucks for you I am laughing in hysterics on my end of the computer. You just have a way with words....
    luv ya