November 13, 2008



I'm kind of mad because I made myself listen to Smashing Pumpkins and Eminem so I could get inspired to paint. But then I had to go to Pilates, so I'm not inspired to paint anymore. I started, but it's now a work in progress which I absolutely hate. Also it's raining out and this very rude couple didn't hold the door for me. I had to dig through my jacket trying to find my nubbin key pass thing and then, omfg, they didn't hold the elevator either. I kicked the door and cursed at them after they ascended. Seriously? Who are you. Here's some spaghetti. You're very egotistical.

Before that I was thinking about how great the drums are in "Toy Soldiers" by Eminem. Whatta tool he is. I was also getting used to working 9-5 and being thankful for my chill, DMB listening boss. I sit next to a guy named Charlay and Steph is hoping he will bite me, so I can say "Charlay bit me" and put myself on youtube. Because where do I see myself in 5 years? On youtube, duh. My target for most of my accounts is C-Suite (CEO, CFO) managers, hedge fund investors, i-bankers, and other cigar smoking rich people. I might advertise on scotch bottles and leather. Talk about out of the box! I'm learning about finance and stocks, an unexpected side effect.

I only spent about $5 this week which is a miracle but it's only because I have negative money. For the record, the $5 was spent on a stupid latte. UGH. My mom never ever answers her phone and its infuriating. A cell phone is supposed to be attached to you like another brain. How can you not have it? Where does it go? I don't get it.

I need food. "I'm so effing hungry. I'm so effing mad!" -Trevor


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  1. lol. I so love that little kid on youtube who says "Charlay bit me" !!! lol. So awesome! friend knew the kid! lol