November 17, 2008

I Love You, I Love You Not

Today was one of those days where I hate routine and I hate NY and I hate my desk and my life choices. I'm going to start keeping track of days I love NY and days I hate NY and in March, whichever is higher will determine whether I stay or go. Nothing triggered the resentment today, but I woke up freezing because my heater doesn't work. Then the path train took forever and also it's Monday. Now I feel really nauseous because thoughts that are supposed to be chained down resurfaced. I swear it's because of the season, but I still wonder if I made a mistake regarding..this guy. I tried to tell myself it was for the best, but I'm still not 110% convinced. I think I just wonder and wondering leads to regret and regret leads to insanity, so I need to find eternal sunshine and keep holding out until I find the disgusting adoration that my grandparents still have 55 years later. I'm serious. I heard my 75 year old grandfather allude to something I will not type. I need to stop measuring potential up against the freakishly less than 5 perfect moments ever. While I'm at it, I should stop talking to another elusive disaster located hundreds of miles away...

Highlights: Today I emailed my high school calculus teacher and told her I have a math job and that I'm sorry for always questioning the use of math in the real world. I'm planning a little reunion with the Rice cousins who my sisters and I haven't seen in 7 years.

Listen to:
Making Out::No Doubt
A Sight to Behold::Eisley
The End::Jason Reeves
Secret Life::Thriving Ivory
Nothing in My Way::Keane
Keeps Gettin' Better::Christina Aguilera
Come On Ger Higher::Matt Nathanson
Cath::Deathcab for Cutie
Pretty much any new commercial on TV right now (Apple, Dior...)

Distracted::Maggie Jackson
The Irregulars::Jennet Conant
I Was Told There'd Be Cake::Sloane Crosley
History of Love::Nicole Krauss

Gossip Girl because it makes Sarah and I feel like our own lives are slightly less dramatic

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